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If you’re looking for an exciting way of engaging with your local community, Kids Hope offers a simple model – one child, one mentor, for one hour a week. 

Our involvement in Kids Hope in the last couple of years has propelled us to new levels of influence with the school community … Kids Hope has been… a significant tool of blessing and fruitfulness… I highly commend it!

Pastor Andrew Shepherd, Edge Church International Adelaide

How churches can make a difference

Kids Hope Ambassador Lisa McInnes-Smith 

Here's why our community engagement model works

We understand you need to understand the potential of our program for your church. Check out how it can easily work for you.

It's simple

Any church can implement this program, no matter the size, demographic or denomination. All the planning has been taken care of, you just need a handful of volunteers.

It's relational

Engaging with your local community couldn’t be easier. Kids Hope gives your congregation an opportunity to connect with local school children, staff, and parents. This is a great opportunity to serve your community.

It’s transformational

Kids Hope gives you the opportunity to transform your community one child at a time. Our model starts with transforming young, vulnerable lives but continues with families and schools.

It’s hope-inspiring

Research clearly demonstrates that through the care and compassion of a dedicated mentor, a child’s social and emotional resilience flourishes. As they thrive, hope for a brighter future is unleashed.

Find out how you can implement our program with a no obligation chat.

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