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Kids Hope provides life-changing mentoring that empowers Aussie children. The knock-on effect is transformational in families and communities. We do this by partnering with you.

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In this video Tim Costello talks about the importance of our work with vulnerable children and how you can partner with us.

Church Information

If you’re looking for an exciting way of engaging with your local community, we offer a simple, high impact model through one-on-one mentoring.

Lisa McInnes-Smith
How churches can make a difference

Here's why our community engagement model works

We understand you need to understand the potential of our program for your church. Check out how it can easily work for you.

Our involvement in Kids Hope in the last couple of years has propelled us to new levels of influence with the school community … Kids Hope has been… a significant tool of blessing and fruitfulness… I highly commend it!

Senior Pastor, Adelaide

School Information

Kids Hope has been impacting the lives of children in Australian schools since 2004 and we are the largest early intervention mentoring program in the country.

Our model is simple – one child, one mentor, one hour a week. And our process is simple too. Firstly, we partner a local church with a local school. Then we match mentors to specific children experiencing vulnerability.

Tim Costello AO
The current crisis in schools

Need more information about our wellbeing program?

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I have not come across a mentoring program in all the schools in which I have been Principal that comes anywhere near the efficiency and professional outreach of Kids Hope. Thank you from the entire school community for your HUGE impact on our whole structure.

Mr Bryant, Principal, WA

Parent Information

As a parent or carer, you may have been approached by your school to consider having your child enrolled in our program. Or you may feel like your child will benefit from one-to-one mentoring.

As part of your school’s wellbeing program, the program aims to develop emotional and social resilience in children, and so enhance their capacity to learn.

Our aim is to empower Aussie kids, like your child, to thrive.

Kayla, School Kid
Why mentoring is so helpful

More helpful information

Check out these simple facts that will help you feel confident about Kids Hope.

I think it’s a very crucial role that Kids Hope are playing in my kids’ lives. Because I’m of a firm belief that it takes a community to raise a child.

Carolyn, VIC

Agency Information

We often get queries from agencies wondering how they can have their clients enrolled in the Kids Hope program. The answer is simple… get in contact with your client’s school principal or wellbeing coordinator.

Ask them to reach out to us and we will find them a local church to provide a mentor. You can provide them with information about the program here. Or, click here to send us an enquiry.

Thanks for reaching out to us. We hope to see your client with a mentor really soon!  

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Corporate Sponsorship Information

If you are a potential corporate sponsor, we having a brilliant Corporate Sponsorship Program. We have thought long and hard about how best showcase your organisation and promote your heart for bringing hope to vulnerable children.

Find out more about Corporate Sponsorship now.

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