Kids Hope Australia

Resuming face-to-face mentoring

Kids Hope is pleased to announce that face-to-face mentoring can resume in Term 3. Schools are currently returning to classes across the country, in a staggered approach, with all classes resuming by the end of next week.

The reasons we have delayed resumption of face-to-face mentoring to Term 3 are as follows:

  • Schools need time to transition back to regular classes
  • We want to ensure there is no immediate resurgence of COVID19
  • Whilst students are permitted in schools, volunteers may not be able to return immediately

It’s been a huge term for everyone, implementing the Pen Pal Program so rapidly and smoothly. It has been inspiring to see such compassion and concern from the Kids Hope family.

While we will never be able to fully measure the impact of staying connected during this time of great instability for children, we have been able to capture the recurring stories of gratitude from principals, teachers and parents who have been so thankful for the Pen Pal program and the connection we continue to offer.

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