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Most of all… on Tuesdays!


Ryan was a 10-year-old boy who, due to trauma and a challenging family situation refused to come to school. He was assigned a Kids Hope mentor named Chris, a university student full of enthusiasm.  When he arrived at school the first week, Ryan wasn’t there. But that didn’t deter Ryan from coming again the follow week. This pattern continued for several weeks. Ryan’s teacher asked why he continued to come when Ryan wasn’t turning up. Chris said he’d made a commitment to be there once a week for a year so he would keep turning up.  

Ryan heard that Chris had been coming to school to see him every week and he became curious. “Who is this guy?” “Why does he want to see me?” he thought. He decided to turn up to school to check out who Chris was and why he kept turning up. He arrived at school and thought, “Hmm, he’s alright.” So he came again the next week and the next. Over time Ryan started engaging more in school and turning up regularly.  It started with Tuesday, when Chris came to see him. Then he started coming on Wednesdays, then Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays! Now he attends most days, he has settled in his behaviour, and is enjoying school…most of all on Tuesdays!

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