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No time to say thank you

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When ringing to say thank you for a donation that we received, we found out that the motivation behind it was her son, now 17, who had a Kids Hope mentor as a child!  She was so thankful for the positive impact in her son’s life and wanted to say thank you in a meaningful way.  She expressed that she had been so busy when her son was young that she didn’t have the time to thank her son’s mentor but hoped that by supporting Kids Hope she could make a difference in another child’s life like her son.  

Jason has completed VCE and is doing really well.  He followed up with an email:

My name is Jason and I had David as my mentor for both Year 5 and 6.

David was an exceptional figure and I feel he helped me through a lot of problems I had at the time, such as anxiety and stress due to personal circumstances.  

Retrospectively, the interactions he had with me through the activities or talk sessions have given me far more than I could ever ask for, and I fervently thank him and the Kids Hope organisation for going through the effort of arranging this. I would definitely recommend this program to any students suffering from similar or the same issues I had. 

I wish you all at the organisation to stay well and I hope you continue to do the amazing things you do!

Also please send my kind regards to David


This is another testimony of impact far beyond what we see in front of us. The trajectory of the lives of so many children is being changed because of people like David, who not only care, but take the time to show it. 

David’s response:

I remember Jason as a very intelligent boy, and together we had lots of good times. It is only now that I realise the games and relaxing times we had made such a positive difference to Jason.

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