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Now I’m that someone


In 2020, my mentor child left the school and in 2021 I was matched to a new girl, Jayne, who was in Year 2. I was advised that despite being able to speak, she was selectively mute.  

So I was surprised that she spoke clearly without any prompting, as we filled in a “Getting to know you ” booklet during our first meeting.

The following week as we walked to the library, she asked me if I was going to be her mentor next year.  I said I would be her mentor until she went to high school. She gave me a big smile. Each week she freely chatters during the hour we are together without any coaxing from me.

I happened to see the principal as I was leaving, and she asked me how Jayne was doing. I said that she chats the whole time we are together. The Principal looked amazed and said that Jayne had not spoken in class for 2 years. 

Jayne just needed someone who was there for her. Now, I’m that someone!

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