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What kind of magic is this?


Richard, a Kids Hope mentor, was assigned to Kyle, a 9-year-old boy who appeared to be shut off from the world. He was sad and sullen. Richard used basketball in the first part of his mentoring hour to help Kyle to unwind. One day, after a few weeks, Richard was acting silly on purpose while playing basketball, making things fun for Kyle, who responded by laughing out loud. As children do, right? Well, no. Not this little guy.

The school principal had been watching from a window and excitedly pulled Richard aside, after his mentoring session. “Do you realise this is the first time I’ve ever seen Kyle laugh?!” Kyle’s life was so intense due to ongoing trauma at home that no one had ever seen him laugh at school. Not until now. Not until Richard, his Kids Hope mentor, came into his life. Kyle’s teacher said “I don’t know what kind of magic formula you have used, but Kyle is a different child. He concentrates better, he’s less disruptive and more interactive with his classmates…” 

And then, when Kyle was asked to write about “Someone who inspires him”… guess who he chose? Yes, Richard, his mentor – and the relationship had only been going for less than 6 months!! 

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