Kids Hope Australia

Every child deserves to have a champion

So many children lack the care and support they so desperately need for healthy development – all it takes is one person to show up – one person to say you matter – you matter so much that I’m going to turn up once a week just for you.  One mentor – one child – […]

There’s nothing out there like Kids Hope

Ricky, an 8-year-old boy, was feeling so hopeless that he had prepared a plan to take his own life. The school rang Kids Hope asking if we could find just one more mentor. We did. The Principal and school staff had grave concerns for Ricky’s mental health and welfare. When his plans were reported to […]

Be that someone

Emma arrived at school with her face down and her thumb in her mouth. The reason was that for five years Emma had watched her Dad battle cancer, and one month before school started, he lost that battle and passed away. She was a little girl who had arrived at school with a broken heart.  […]

What kind of magic is this?

Richard, a Kids Hope mentor, was assigned to Kyle, a 9-year-old boy who appeared to be shut off from the world. He was sad and sullen. Richard used basketball in the first part of his mentoring hour to help Kyle to unwind. One day, after a few weeks, Richard was acting silly on purpose while playing basketball, […]

If not for Dorothy

I have done Kids hope from grade 2 all the way to grade 6 with my amazing mentor Dorothy. I honestly would not be the person I am today if I had not spent all of those years in primary school spending time with her. Every single week I would always look forward to my […]

Max is like a father to me

Kids hope really made a positive impact on my childhood. My mentor Max really helped me throughout primary school and is like a father to me. We still catch up to this day and have such a strong relationship. I would have been completely lost without the Kids Hope program, and I love everything they […]

Most of all… on Tuesdays!

Ryan was a 10-year-old boy who, due to trauma and a challenging family situation refused to come to school. He was assigned a Kids Hope mentor named Chris, a university student full of enthusiasm.  When he arrived at school the first week, Ryan wasn’t there. But that didn’t deter Ryan from coming again the follow week. This pattern […]

No time to say thank you

When ringing to say thank you for a donation that we received, we found out that the motivation behind it was her son, now 17, who had a Kids Hope mentor as a child!  She was so thankful for the positive impact in her son’s life and wanted to say thank you in a meaningful […]

Happy dance

Grace was assigned to Jasmine, a 10 year old girl. When they first met, Jasmine refused to speak, she stood with her lips pursed and arms crossed.  After a few weeks Grace brought out a sheet of faces and asked Jasmine if she could circle the face that represented how she was feeling (a Kids […]